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If you ask us, these two individuals are enjoying some beers in Minnesota. Aaron Lavinsky

Minnesota may be the second best state in the union, but it's only the eighth best for beer lovers.

Still: Not bad! 

That's according to a new study from Groupon, which saw the coupon scientists delve deep into data from U.S. Census Bureau, beer websites, and beer-related Groupon sales to arrive at state-by-state rankings for beer friendliness. Minnesota fared admirably with regard to quality of beer (16th), not-so-great in terms of affordability (29th), and heroically when it comes to enthusiasm (2nd, just behind Nevada). 

Overall, California claimed the No. 1 spot, followed by Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Iowa (the Hawkeye State is very best state in the U.S., according to that first link). The least desirable states for suds lovers are New Mexico, Alaska, Kansas, Hawaii, and our neighbors to the northwest, North Dakota, who came in dead last. Wisconsin, our infamously schnockered rivals to the east, placed at No. 14. Five of the top 11 beer states border a Great Lake, so we're in something of a Beer Belt. 

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Shifting our focus back to where it belongs, fixated entirely on Minnesota, follow these links to see the beer-themed winners from last week's Best Of issue: Best Beer, Best Beer (Limited Release), Best Beer Selection in a Bar, Best Beer Trend, Best Brewery, Best Taproom.

Now please enjoy perusing this map of Groupon's study, courtesy of Groupon: 

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