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When you first get your hands on that delicate piece of shiny plastic, it can feel like you’re invincible, unstoppable and 21. Yes, it’s a fake ID. And no, it doesn’t really make you invincible.

– California Fake Fake California – California Fake Fake California Walk around any college campus and you can find an overwhelming amount of students carrying around a false identity just to get them into bars or buy alcohol. It almost seems like a necessity for college students to get a fake ID before they turn 21.

Here are some honest and open opinions on the fake ID phenomenon from real college students who are experienced in using their fake IDs.

Sarah is a 19-year-old freshman at Ohio University. Hunter is a 20-year-old junior at Ohio University, and our final source wishes to remain completely anonymous, but she is a graduating senior and not legal to drink yet.

How did you get your fake ID?

– California Fake Fake California Sarah: “I got mine from my good friend, some guy found one that looked more like her so she gave her old one to me.”

Hunter: “I bought it from a friend from my hometown.”

Anonymous: “I got my fake ID from a website. It came from China and it was packed in some weird toy set so it wouldn’t be seized through the mail.”

Did you have to pay for it, if so how much?

– California Fake Fake California Sarah:“I didn’t have to pay since my friend didn’t really care about it and just gave it to me.”

Hunter: “Why Card Coming Virginia New You'll Patch One Need Id State Kingstowne VaI paid $40, which is the cost of getting a new license.”

Anonymous: “I think I paid $100 for two, and that was a ‘cheaper’ price because a bunch of my friends got together and made one big order.”

What state is it from?

Sarah: “Ohio and someone’s actual real one.”

Hunter: “Ohio.”

Anonymous: “Rhode Island.”

F: Do you use it to just get into bars, or do you buy alcohol with it/use it at restaurants, etc.?

Sarah: “Just the bars since it does not look that much like me but hoping I can get a better one to use for restaurants.”

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Hunter: “I usually just use it to get into bars. I sometimes will use it at restaurants or stores that are low key.”

Anonymous: “I only use it for bars, but I would never use it to buy alcohol or in restaurants. It’s not that legit.”

Do you ever get denied from bars?

Sarah: “Yes.”

Hunter: “Occasionally I get denied.”

– California Fake Fake California Anonymous:“I have been a few times.”

– California Fake Fake California
F: What’s your most embarrassing story about being denied?

Sarah: “Not too embarrassing, but for sure my best one would be when they question my height. The fake I have is not the best for me the height is way shorter than I actually am, about 7 inches to short to be exact. So I gave the guy my ID and he looked at me and then stood up acting like he was comparing our heights. He goes, ‘I don’t think this is you,’ I quickly say back, ‘wow I’m sorry I had a bit of a growth spurt since then!’ Yaa, that of course did not work and he denied me.”

Hunter: “I walked into the bar and handed the door guy my real ID instead of my fake.”

Anonymous: “Once, I couldn’t remember the capital of Rhode Island, and I was really drunk and told the bouncer he didn’t know anything about Rhode Island and that he’s an asshole, etc. Oops.”

F: How much longer until you’re 21?

Sarah: “One year and five months.”

Hunter: “Three months until I’m 21.”

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Anonymous: “Five more months!”

– California Fake Fake California
F: Do you think a fake ID is worth it/needed in college?

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Sarah: “Yes! House parties are fun and all but once it gets late everyone wants to head to the bars and not being able to go with everyone sucks. Also on the weekdays usually people just go to the bars so you need an ID to join your friends.”

Hunter: “Yes. Absolutely.”

Anonymous: “I guess it would depend on what kind of college town you live in, but in Athens, it was definitely worth it.”

F: Describe the feeling you get after you trick the bartender and get into the bar:

Sarah: “It is a big relief; I would say a little weight is lifted off my shoulders. Making it inside with all your friends and you can have a good night at the bars.”

Hunter: “It doesn’t really cross my mind anymore.”

Anonymous: “’Yeah bitch, you SHOULD let me in.’ (Maybe I’m a little cocky).”


F: Do you think being a girl/guy affects your chances of getting in to bars? If so, why?

Sarah: How Id Online Card Works Creator“Yes, I think they don’t look into girls IDs as much as guys. Even though they know some girls are fake they allow them to have a good time so thank you to all those nice front-door-guys checking IDs.”

Hunter: “Yes, depending on how young you look or how bad your ID is.”

Anonymous: “Yes, guys are definitely a lot more lenient in letting girls in, and most bouncers are guys. It probably has something to do with guys love being surrounded by girls at bars or else it’s a ‘sausage fest’ or whatever?”

News Licences Unveils High-tech Ctv Ont Ids Illinois Drivers Idviking Best Fake Old Id - License il Scannable

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